NM Total Return Flexible FLEXIBLE        
     NM Total Return Flexible LLU2249747283119,4EUR27-06-2022
     NM Total Return Flexible ILU110996187798,23EUR27-06-2022
     NM Total Return Flexible ALU0215785410119,6EUR27-06-2022
NM PIR Bilanciato Sistema Italia BALANCED        
     NM PIR Bilanciato Sistema Italia YLU2149247574 - EUR-
     NM PIR Bilanciato Sistema Italia DLU2149247491 - EUR-
     NM PIR Bilanciato Sistema Italia LLU160246880095,69EUR27-06-2022
     NM PIR Bilanciato Sistema Italia ILU160246863696,56EUR27-06-2022
     NM PIR Bilanciato Sistema Italia ALU160246847993,79EUR27-06-2022
NM Balanced World Conservative BALANCED        
     NM Balanced World Conservative YLU2149247228 - EUR-
     NM Balanced World Conservative DLU2149247145140,37EUR27-06-2022
     NM Balance World Conservative LLU1148874552150,89EUR27-06-2022
     NM Balance World Conservative ILU0373792802152,64EUR27-06-2022
     NM Balance World Conservative ALU0149079047140,64EUR27-06-2022
NM Euro Equities EQUITIES        
     NM Euro Equities YLU214924706159,02EUR27-06-2022
     NM Euro Equities DLU2149246923 - EUR-
     NM Euro Equities LLU114887340665,47EUR27-06-2022
     NM Euro Equities ILU037379239866,23EUR27-06-2022
     NM Euro Equities ALU009754270759,8EUR27-06-2022
NM Augustum Corporate Bond BOND        
     NM Augustum Corporate Bond ZLU200342526689,62EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Corporate Bond A-USD-HedgedLU1796860580103,16USD27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Corporate Bond A-CHF-HedgedLU167575633993,21CHF27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Corporate Bond YLU1362558865183,63EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Corporate Bond LLU1148874396223,92EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Corporate Bond DLU077701800290,63EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Corporate Bond ILU0373793016227,08EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Corporate Bond ALU0163796203208,99EUR27-06-2022
NM Augustum High Quality Bond BOND        
     NM Augustum High Quality Bond A-USD-HedgedLU1796860663102,77USD27-06-2022
     NM Augustum High Quality Bond A-CHF-HedgedLU167575617293,01CHF27-06-2022
     NM Augustum High Quality Bond YLU1362558436140EUR27-01-2021
     NM Augustum High Quality Bond LLU1148873745157,31EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum High Quality Bond DLU077701915886,12EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum High Quality Bond ILU0373791820159,22EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum High Quality Bond ALU0163795908151,04EUR27-06-2022
NM Evergreen Global High Yield Bond BOND        
     NM Evergreen Global High Yield Bond ILU155019816985,07EUR27-06-2022
     NM Evergreen Global High Yield Bond LLU136316591892,9177EUR23-11-2021
     NM Evergreen Global High Yield Bond ALU136316583580,64EUR27-06-2022
NM VolActive OTHER        
     NM VolActive LLU114887480095,9EUR27-06-2022
     NM VolActive DLU099315628968,52EUR27-06-2022
     NM VolActive ILU099315644697,35EUR27-06-2022
     NM VolActive ALU099315601688,79EUR27-06-2022
NM Augustum Extra Euro High Quality Bond BOND        
     NM Augustum Extra Euro High Quality Bond YLU136255851998,61EUR20-01-2020
     NM Augustum Extra Euro High Quality Bond LLU1148873828107,8EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Extra Euro High Quality Bond DLU095601308978,08EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Extra Euro High Quality Bond ILU0956013162109,07EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Extra Euro High Quality Bond ALU0956012941103,79EUR27-06-2022
NM Augustum Market Timing BALANCED        
     NM Augustum Market Timing YLU136255916097,31EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Market Timing LLU1148874636114,35EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Market Timing DLU095601278484,19EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Market Timing ILU0956012867113,8EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Market Timing ALU0956012602104,42EUR27-06-2022
NM Augustum Italian Diversified Bond BOND        
     NM Augustum Italian Diversified Bond YLU1362559087123,66EUR20-01-2020
     NM Augustum Italian Diversified Bond LLU1148874479132,17EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Italian Diversified Bond DLU085164856795,7EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Italian Diversified Bond ILU0851648724133,76EUR27-06-2022
     NM Augustum Italian Diversified Bond ALU0851647247124,69EUR27-06-2022
NM Multi Asset Opportunity BALANCED        
     NM Multi Asset Opportunity LLU1363165751100,31EUR27-06-2022
     NM Multi Asset Opportunity ILU1363165678101,21EUR27-06-2022
     NM Multi Asset Opportunity ALU136316559598,45EUR27-06-2022
NM Large Europe Corporate BOND        
     NM Large Europe Corporate YLU1362558782132,96EUR27-06-2022
     NM Large Europe Corporate LLU1148874123133,51EUR27-06-2022
     NM Large Europe Corporate DLU0452433468105,04EUR27-06-2022
     NM Large Europe Corporate ILU0373792471135,22EUR27-06-2022
     NM Large Europe Corporate ALU0215785253127,05EUR27-06-2022
NM Inflation Linked Bond Europe BOND        
     NM Inflation Linked Bond Europe YLU1362558600111,78EUR27-06-2022
     NM Inflation Linked Bond Europe LLU1148874040112,49EUR27-06-2022
     NM Inflation Linked Bond Europe DLU0863466057 - - -
     NM Inflation Linked Bond Europe ILU0437191736114,14EUR27-06-2022
     NM Inflation Linked Bond Europe ALU0437189599107,76EUR27-06-2022
NM Global Equities Eur Hedged EQUITIES        
     NM Global Equities Eur Hedged LLU1148873588116,39EUR27-06-2022
     NM Global Equities Eur Hedged ILU0373792042117,84EUR27-06-2022
     NM Global Equities Eur Hedged ALU0097544745105,98EUR27-06-2022
NM Euro Bonds Short Term BOND        
     NM Euro Bonds Short Term YLU1362558352133,82EUR27-06-2022
     NM Euro Bonds Short Term LLU1148873661133,08EUR27-06-2022
     NM Euro Bonds Short Term DLU045243338591,08EUR27-06-2022
     NM Euro Bonds Short Term ILU0373792984134,97EUR27-06-2022
     NM Euro Bonds Short Term ALU0097542376129,68EUR27-06-2022

Legal Documents
New Millennium Sicav - European ESG Template (EET)
Annual report as of 31 December 2021
Prospectus March 2022
Disclosures 1156-2019 Investor rights
Semi-annual Report as of June 30th 2021
ESG: Disclosure and integrations on the Investment Policies
Annual Report 31st December 2020
New Millennium - European MIFID Template (EMT)
Additional Subscription, Redemption, Switch Form - Institutional Client
Initial Application Form – Clientela Istituzionale
LEI Codes
Articles of Incorporation
Semi-annual Report as at June 30th, 2020
Annual Report 31st December 2019